Zafetta Electrical Ltd was established in 1993 in Larnaca, Cyprus, by six professional auto-electricians with the objective of importing automotive electrical spare parts and accessories for their own requirements since everyone owned and operated his personal auto-repairs workshop. The goal was to become independent from the oligopoly that dominated the small Cypriot market, ensuring uninterrupted and steady supply of automotive parts at better prices.

Soon after commencing operations four more professional electricians saw the prospects and the potentials of the newly founded company and joined in this venture as full member shareholders. The board of directors then realized that the company could not limit itself to serve just the shareholders and it decided to expand by opening up retail shops initially in Limassol and Pafos, followed by Famagusta and Nicosia. In addition, Zafetta also set up a fleet of distribution vehicles aiming at reaching customers located all over the island thus increasing its turnover and consequently its market share.

Nowadays Zafetta has more than 350 workshop owners as customers, including professional electricians and mechanics, plus hundreds of retail clients including amateurs, DIY lovers and people that generally like to get their hands dirty. The company is currently cooperating with more than 25 suppliers from around the globe and it is trading more than 12,000 part numbers.

The range of products offered by Zafetta include automotive batteries, alternator and starter motor assemblies, parts for rebuilders, air conditioning parts, lighting gear, ignition parts, hand tools, audio equipment and accessories. New items are sought and added to the company’s portfolio on a continuous basis in an effort to stay in touch with the latest technology.

Zafetta Electrical Ltd

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